Mother Gift Personalized Poetry Clock Marble Pen

Product Description

Product: MG-BK
Personalized Poetry Gift for Mom Mini Desk Clock on Genuine Marble Base with Brass Pen. A unique desk pen set clock gift idea for Mother's day or Mom's birthday from son, daughter or children.

  • Includes Gold mini Clock size 1.5 inches with Gold Brass Pen
  • Personalized Elegant Design Poetry on Clock
  • Battery included
  • Overall Desk Clock size 9 1/2"L x 3 1/2"D x 4 3/4"H
  • High-end Genuine Heavy Green Marble Base

Select a stunning personalized loving gift to celebrate a lifetime of love to your mother. This genuine marble base with mini gold clock features a personalized heartfelt poetry panel with brass pen and metal gold brass accents. A handsome loving Mother's Day, birthday or any special occasion gift clock decor for any setting. Whether Mother's day celebration or birthday, this personalized poetry clock gives a feeling of blissfulness and elegance from son, daughter or children.

The caring poem imprinted on the panel of the marble base compliments the traditions use of timeless designs. This poetry timepiece beautifully highlights the meaningful poem message that have sentimental value to your mom. By fusing a thank you mom poem into a table desk clock with a touch of personalization, the end result is a really nice distinctive and unique birthday gift for your mother.

Inspired by the loving words of our creative poets, these Mother's day or birthday poetry gifts are an exclusive to Framing Achievement, Inc. creation. Our poem clocks, plaques and frames are customized with your name and embedded in the composition of the poem gifts. Let our personalized gifts of poetry products imagination wander and explore the possibilities that you can create with a custom sentimental meaningful message in our elegant picture frames and clock gifts. Rating high on style and elegance, Framing Achievement's personalized poem gifts are the first choice in premium poetry presents for Mother's Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Retirement, Graduation and many more occasions.

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